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Night City Fire Station 2 is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


This block houses the second of two downtown Night City fire stations; Station Two is responsible for everything west of the Corporate Center. The NCFD is electronically hooked into the police emergency network. This, in addition to three AV-4's specifically designed as fire-fighting units give the fire department a response time of mere minutes in the case of smaller fires.

The snag in the system comes when the department needs to roll out the old-fashioned tanker trucks. The traffic is usually so bad that a building is often burnt to the ground before the bigger trucks can reach it. In response to this problem, the Night City Fire Department is now working on a project to replace the older tanker trucks with a modified version of the AV-8 specifically designed for use as a fire-fighting vehicle.

The station itself includes sleeping and eating quarters for 20 men, who work a three day on and four day off rotating shift. On site are three AV's, four light trucks, three hook and ladders, and five tankers. In the case of a large fire in the downtown area, the lake can be used as a water supply.[1]

Security Level: 2

Night City Fire Station 2 is situated in Night City's Lake Park sector of downtown.


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