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Night City Fire Station 1 is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


This fire station (one of two serving the Night City area) is equipped with the most sophisticated fire and rescue equipment available. Utilizing both a ground and an air fleet, the fire division stationed here prides itself on being the best firefighting team in the Free State of Northern California.

The smaller building to the east houses the garage for fire vehicles. Very loud sirens ensure that no one will remain on the sidewalk when an alarm is called. Two indelible stains attest that there are still some deaf people in Night City.

In addition to the dining and living areas, the upper floors of the larger building are used by the NCFD firefighters to simulate and practice rescue situations. Because of the large number of firefighters needed, the city has begun a recruitment drive in the armed forces, suggesting that with the amount of dangerous work firemen get involved in, firefighting would be a logical career choice for someone used to assault-style situations.[1]

Security Level: 1

Fire Station 1 is situated in Night City's Upper Eastside sector of downtown.


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