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Disambig This article is about the location in 2045-2077. For the location in 2020, see Night City City Hall (2020).

City Hall is located in The Glen, in the Heywood district of Night City. It is the seat of the Mayor and the Night City Council.


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2030s - 2040s[]

After the Night City Holocaust in 2023 and during the ensuing Time of the Red, City Hall was moved from its old, presumably destroyed location to a recently constructed building in the new district of the Glen. By 2045, no one had held the office of mayor for years due to the ongoing state of emergency, and the city was led entirely by the City Council.[1]


By the 2070s, City Hall was the center of power in Night City, at least in governmental politics.[2] The main building had an admirable architecture. Members of the City Council sometimes spent their time greeting their constituents while enjoying a stroll.[3]

In 2077, Mayor Lucius Rhyne was almost attacked by cyberpsycho Péter Horváth as he prepared to hold a press conference about Night City's drop in crime rate, but Detective River Ward killed the attacker before Rhyne came to harm. Due to this attack and the later death of Rhyne (caused by a virus-spiked braindance but covered up as a cardiac implant malfunction),[4] Acting Mayor Weldon Holt had City Hall placed under guard by elite NCPD units. At the outside you could find protesters and guards in front of the main entrance.[5]



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