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The Night City Area Rapid Transit (NCART) is a public corporation based in Night City. It provides transportation throughout its metropolitan area.


In 2020, NCART provided maglev rail service throughout the Greater Night City Area, including Heywood, Westbrook, North Oak, Pacifica, South Night City and Rancho Coronado. Although it is a public corporation, major funding is obtained from several corporate sources. As a mass transit system, NCART's record is quite good; in the period between 2019 and 2020, the corporation logged over a million travel miles with only eight major accidents, ten transit-related fatalities, and only eleven incidents of terrorist activities or other security breaches. Tickets are .25 eb per station travelled.

Operating out of the substreet level of the Night City Transit Center, NCART trains stop an average of every 20 minutes at each of the 25 stations. Corporate-owned "suburban" trains also enter the Transit Center as well; connections can be made by entering through a corporate security gate and using your company-issued pass to gain access.[1]

By 2045, after the Fourth Corporate War, many NCART stations and areas were flooded, due to the collapse of the Night City water table, prompting plans to reconstruct the subway track as a monorail track and expand to the new rebuilding suburban areas and districts.[2]

In 2068, NCART was bought out by Night Corp after an incident in which unknown attackers released poison gas in the subway stations across Night City, leading to prolonged riots and NCART's bankruptcy.[3]

By 2077, the transit corporation had become known for its fast travel, cheap and convenient availability, and its easy accessibility, both throughout all of Night City, as well as for the average citizen.[4]

Database Entry (2077)


NCART (Night City Area Rapid Transit) is the Night Corp-owned city public transportation system which includes both metro and streetcars. There are currently six lines connecting all the districts, although expansions to the network have been in the works for years.

Each NCART station has its own unique atmosphere and - as its passengers note - unique fragrance. NCART can be dangerous at night and during rush hour, as the gangs, mercs and regular criminals of the city see the stations and tunnels as a natural extension of Night City's streets. On the other hand, they say you don't really know the city until you've taken a ride on the NCART.[5]



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