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somebody feed the cat ... anything works but he likes chicken most ... just say pspspsps and he'll come runnin

Nibbles is a stray cat living in the Megabuilding H10 who can potentially become V's pet.


Real animals in Night City are more than a rarity to behold, and while cats were said to be the last ones to disappear, it is still possible to encounter them in a precious few locations.[1] Where they can be found, as was the case with Nibbles, it is clear that they are taken care of, at least in terms of primary needs, although it does appear that they remain unowned due to the absurdly extortionate pet tax.

Nibbles as a companion remains in V's apartment at all times, where food, drink and a litterbox are provided, with no need of further maintenance. He will meow for attention and change positions occasionally.


In order to obtain Nibbles as a pet, first you need to obtain cat food. You can find it in food stores or randomly in some places like the the Arasaka Industrial Park or the Aldecaldos camp.

After completing Playing for Time at the start of Act 2, some time later the opportunity to adopt Nibbles will become available. You only need to venture left upon exiting V's apartment, follow the corridor, then turn right. In a trash bin just around the corner a shard titled "feed teh cat" can be found, while right below it will be an empty bowl. Interact with the bowl and fill it with cat food. Leave the building and return some time later.

After a while, upon returning to the bowl, Johnny Silverhand will appear and observe a cat eating from it, then he will make a comment. If V interacts with Nibbles, they will be given the option to "pick up" the cat. Once done, the scene will cut to V's apartment, where Johnny and V observe Nibbles hanging out in a laundry basket. From that point on, Nibbles will remain a permanent resident in the apartment.[2]


  • Nibbles is the name that appears whenever V scans the cat after adopting it.



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