Nibbles, also known as Mr Brightman, is a stray cat and potential pet who can be seen in various locations around Night City.


Nibbles is first encountered atop the stairway leading down to Viktor's clinic, during V's first visit. Afterward, the cat will informally and indirectly participate in several quests, one of which, unmarked, leads to the possibility of becoming V's household pet.

Whether Nibbles is a real cat or not is a matter of debate, considering the span of its appearances, comments given by NPCs and the ability to react to immaterial apparitions.


In order to obtain Nibbles as a pet, venture left upon exiting V's apartment in Megabuilding H10, and follow the corridor, then turn right. In a trash bin just around the corner a shard titled "Feed Teh Cat" can be found, while right below it will be an empty bowl. If V is carrying some cat food and they interact with the bowl, it can be filled.

After a while, upon returning to Megabuilding H10 after filling the bowl, Johnny Silverhand can be seen observing the cat eating, and will make a comment. If V interacts with Nibbles, they will be given the option to "pick up" the cat. Once they pick it up, the scene will cut to V's apartment, where Johnny Silverhand observes Nibbles hanging out in a laundry basket. From that point on, Nibbles will remain a permanent resident at the apartment.

Associated Quests


  • The "Feed Teh Cat" shard, and the option to adopt Nibbles will not be available until Act 2.
  • If cat food is found, holding on to it for when the opportunity to fill the bowl arises is recommended as the item is somewhat rare. A location where it may respawn is the lower level of the Arasaka Industrial Park. Alternatively, food vendors may sometimes sell cat food, or it can occasionally be looted from defeated enemies.


  • Nibbles can be seen outside Viktor's clinic a second time after V leaves Misty's rooftop, before embarking on their final mission. If V pets the cat, Misty will mention that its name is Mr Brightman, and will say "We found the poor guy in the trash behind the clinic. I think he misses Jackie".
  • Nibbles is the name that appears whenever V scans the cat after adopting it.
  • Nibbles' appearance is that of a Sphynx, a hairless breed of cat, with the coloration of a Siamese.


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