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New Person, Same Old Mistakes[Trivia 1] is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Some time after rescuing Bill Mitchel will message V.[Notes 1] Mitchel invites them over to their newly opened scopdog stand at Coyoacan in The Glen. As a reward for saving him, V is offered a reward in the form of eddies, and gives access to his wares.[Notes 2]

Journal Entry[]

Well, well! Word from Bill Mitchell! I wonder what brilliant idea Mr. None-Too-Bright has come up with this time.


  • Read the message from Bill.
  • Meet with Bill in the Glen.
  • Talk to Bill.


  1. For the quest to be available, you need to have saved both Bill Mitchel and Charles Wilson and have killed Carl Robinson during Gig: Waiting for Dodger.
  2. Among his wares are the Military-Grade Lactic Acid Recylers


  1. The title of the job comes from the Tame Impala song "New Person, Same Old Mistakes."