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New American Motors "Armadillo" Armored Road-Home is a pickup introduced in Chromebook Volume 3.

Sourcebook Description[]

Back in the good old days a family could head out in their RV and enjoy a weekend in the woods. These days, the road to the woods is often blocked with armed road gangs, and it takes armored firepower to get back to nature. That's where the Armadillo comes in-the latest in road safety.
The Armadillo is popular among corporate executives who like to camp, but like to stay secure. For Nomads who can afford it the Armadillo is one of the vehicles of choice. It's occassionally[sic] put to other uses, such as rolling ripperdoc stations, police operation command posts, etc.
Special Equipment: Off-road capability, 2 Fold-down beds, Radio, Galley, Small bathroom, Optics w/Low-lite, Passive IR, Six-person/week water supply, TV w/sat dish, Simple security system.[1]
Weapons: Turret for a 1/2-space weapon.[1]


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