NetWatch was created as part of a unilateral agreement in the UN treaty. It is empowered to protect and serve the law abiding citizens of the World Communications Network ...

Netwatch is a policing organization based out of London, England. Its focus is the protection of the Net Over Europe and the United States. They work closely with corporations and often fight against Netrunners.


NetWatch is a policing organization founded in 2013 in a joint US/Eurotheatre treaty, created as a part of a United Nations treaty. It worked in tandem with, and received funding from governments, corporations, and other large organizations to patrol the Net looking for illegal activity. NetCop netrunners were equipped with very powerful software to move through the Net, and would patrol specific "beats" that could cover a city, region, or continent. While arrest was the primary goal of NetWatch, it was also known to use black programs to kill or maim their opposition.[2]

By 2077, one of NetWatch's goals included keeping people from penetrating the blackwall: a virtual wall believed to keep free A.I.s from breaking through and causing mayhem. As such, they were at odds with the Voodoo Boys, who wished to break down the blackwall with the belief that the A.I.s would help them and humanity itself.[3]

Notable employees

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In the original Cyberpunk 2020 lore, NetWatch was formed in 2013 through a treaty between the United Nations and the World Communications Network. In Cyberpunk 2077, NetWatch had been rewritten to be a pre-existing United Kingdom security company founded in 1991, made into a worldwide policing agency through the US/Eurotheatre treaty in 2013.



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    NetCops (Wolves, Weasels, The Icemen) are equipped with very powerful tracking programs, as well as "arrest" programs that can freeze a cyberdeck in a "loop" and hold the Netrunner frozen, unable to jack out until released. While arrest and imprisonment are the goal of the NetCops, they have been known to use black programs to kill or maim their opposition."
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    Although NetWatch's authority is vast, it varies depending on the world region. In the United States they are free to roam, feared by cyberpunks and corporations alike as the dreaded boogeymen and Net hellhounds. In the Pacifica region, especially in Australia and New Zealand, their actions are more restricted due to local regulations."

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