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Celebrities, braindance stars, business magnates, heirs to corporate fortunes and corporate executives. They abandoned the cold, deadly elegance of Neomilitarism and returned to the roots of Kitsch, but gave it a fresh, new look.

2077 in Style

CP2077 Neokitsch Poster

"Style and Substance"

Neokitsch is the most recent of the four major styles seen in Cyberpunk 2077.


Where the original kitsch era was marked by its accessibility, neokitsch is the opposite. This is the look of the ultra-rich appropriating the surface-level aesthetic of Kitsch without acknowledging its cultural motivation, warping it into a statement of abject wealth.

While it has a similar color palette to the earlier era, neokitsch incorporates natural fabrics into its clothing and things like wood and marble into its architecture.

Behind the scenes[]


This is the last and most recently developed style in the fictional reality of 2077 that we've created. When the Treaty of Unification brought an end to the war between the United States and the Free States in 2070, Night City gained independence from both, claiming a new status as an international free city. With the risk of destruction lifted and the city's new leaders determined to adopt corporation-friendly policies, capital once again poured in—and was captured by an elite new aristocracy.

Thus Neokitsch was born, the style of celebrities, braindance stars, magnates, heirs to corporate fortunes and corporate CEOs—the point-one percent of the wealthiest and most influential Night Citizens, those who have become bored of the chrome, black and graphite of their suits and armored vehicles. Surrounded in everyday life by the cold style of the corporate overclass, they abandon it for gold, silver and platinum, for the warmth of real wood, ivory and natural furs—rare and exclusive materials only they can afford. Neokitsch is, in a certain sense, a return to the roots of Kitsch, while also acting as a show of forceful luxury by people with so much money they need not care about the opinions of others. It is the style of demigods, the living legends of this world.

Neokitsch vehicles spare no expense and leave no frills unexploited. They daringly mix in any style as long as it screams luxury, putting swooping curves next to tight angles and wood next to polycarbonate. Their plush interiors are decked out in all the latest tech; advanced self-driving capabilities let opaque screens replace the windshield so you admire stunning vistas instead of the eyesores of Night City's streets.[1]

The Official Digital Artbook of Cyberpunk 2077



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