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Nadia is a character in Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team.


Nadia was part of a Night City Trauma Team squad of medics alongside her boyfriend, Dodds. In 2077, the squad was tasked with a rescue mission after receiving an emergency call from Westbrook. Unfortunately, the mission turned into a shootout, with Nadia being the sole survivor. Losing the whole team and her boyfriend put Nadia into depression and a self identity crisis. She struggled between wanting to help people and the need to serve the company to the best of her abilities. However, she eventually agreed to return to work, and soon after was assigned to a new squad.

Not long after the aforementioned events, Nadia and her squad were tasked with a priority extraction mission in Pacifica; to rescue a Platinum member known as Apex. Upon arriving at the abandoned skyscraper, the medic group found Apex pinned down against his gang rivals. A firefight soon followed between the Animals and Trauma Team. After watching the client's face, Nadia recognized Apex as the man responsible for the deaths of her former team.[1]

The squad's lead EMT, Knapp, proceeded to rescue the client and requested Nadia's immediate attention. Meanwhile, two Security Specialists, Stratter and Gordon, held the line against oncoming hostiles. The latter then sustained a gunshot injury to the neck. Nadia, reluctant to help Knapp tend to Apex's wounds, attempted to save her colleague's life instead. This resulted in a failure and her getting a reprimand from Knapp.

Stratter called for fire support. Withers answered and repositioned their AV to provide backup, but was quickly shot down by gang members. Taking advantage of the ensuing chaos, Stratter and Knapp charged at the attackers fiercely, though it was Apex who finished off the last two of them. Once the threat had been dealt with, Nadia put her pistol to Apex's head.[2]

Her hand was swiftly stopped by Stratter. Haunted by the memories of her deceased boyfriend, Dodds, she revealed the truth about the massacre of her former teammates.

As they were walking down the stairs towards the exit, Apex explained that the extraction wasn't going to be easy because he had previously infuriated the gang by killing their beloved boss. He taunted Nadia, urging her to end him. Knapp tried to comfort her, but suddenly got shot as they were ambushed. Desperate to save Knapp, she carried him out of the scene with Apex's aid. The team barged into a nearby apartment and laid Knapp on a couch. Nadia received a plea for help from the apartment's residents — a mother and her sick daughter. Stratter ordered Nadia to focus on Knapp. The injured medic, however, bled out shortly after. Devastated, Stratter shouted at Nadia, blaming her for his death, but was interrupted when he realised that Animals had found their hiding spot.

Apex asked Nadia for stims, promising to help them get rid of the gangoons. As he went on a killing spree in the corridor, Stratter assaulted Nadia. He grabbed her by the neck, telling her to give him one good reason for letting her live. Nadia managed to take his sidearm and point it at him, asking if this was a good enough reason. Upon being released, she gave some antibiotics to the mother, and the squad left.[3]

Soon after the three managed to reach the exit, Stratter confronted Nadia again, saying she was obviously not ready to return to active duty and threatening to end her career at Trauma Team. His neck was abruptly snapped by Apex. He claimed to have done Nadia a favour by killing the person who wanted to ruin her life.

Another group of Animals emerged from the building and chased them to a dead end. Nadia engaged in close-quarters combat, enduring a knife stab between the ribs and ultimately being able to get ahold of her gun, with which she barely fended off the attackers. She saved Apex as well, since he had lost a fight against a massive man, whom she then shot in the head. More hostiles arrived, but so did a rescue Trauma Team AV. It opened fire at them, killing most in the span of seconds.

The AV landed, and several soldiers were dispatched to assist Nadia and the client. She once again aimed her pistol at Apex. He didn't resist, seemingly content with the turn of events. She had visions of Dodds telling her not to do this, but she chose to shoot anyway, just as the other soldiers were about to fire at her.[4]