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NCPD Precinct 2 is an NCPD police station featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020


The NCPD is housed in a no-nonsense structure, which had bullet proof glass and additional security systems installed in 2000 in response to the Mob move-in. The building layout is very straight forward, with no frills or decorations to mar the strict functionality of the place. The Armory is well guarded, and the motor pool is in an underground garage inaccessible to the public. The evidence warehouse occupies the core of the building from the basement to the second floor from the top. Its walls are built of reinforced masonry and are shielded against electromagnetic fields. The warehouse can only be entered from the basement. NCPD is very serious about protecting their evidence

Besides the regular administrative and laboratory facilities the NCPD also has a bunkhouse and a cafeteria / recreation hall; these are the two buildings on the southwest corner of the block

The building on the north side of the block contains the Marksman, a paid-access shooting range. The NCPD has permanent privileges here, but the public is also welcome to come to practice. The Range is secretly owned by Arasaka; they surreptitiously check shooters' accuracy. and keep them on file for prospective employment if they are good

Wedged between the range and the NCPD cafeteria is The Urban Ranger, a military surplus store. The NCPD often come here to pick up extra equipment and/or uniforms. Needless to say, security is good, although there is not much call for it. Firearms are not sold here, or so they say.

Security Level: 3[1]

NCPD Precinct 2 is situated in Night City's Little Italy sector of downtown.


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