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Marid Audran is a main character in the Budayeen series by George Alec Effinger. He is half Moroccan and half French; local Arabs in the Budayeen call him Maghrebi ("the North African"). His mother was a prostitute and he doesn't know who his father is.

A freelance private eye, Marid fancies himself a tough and clever man like his fictional hero. He is actually rather naive and even clueless at times, trusting people who are actually manipulative and unreliable. He values his independence and relies on his own abilities to solve problems. He later falls under the influence of Friedlander Bey and is forced to get cybernetic implants.

Marid is a lapsed Muslim in the beginning of the series. He does not pray, drinks alcohol and does drugs, and has sex with transgendered strippers and prostitutes. However, he becomes more devout as the series progresses due to the influence of Friedlander Bey, who is a devout convert.

Budayeen Series[]

  1. When Gravity Fails (1986)
  2. Fire in the Sun (1989)
  3. The Exile's Kiss (1991)
  4. Word By Night (Unfinished)
  • Budayeen Nights [Anthology] (2003)