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Don't care for the word "biz"... I call it work. Hard work, honest work.

— Muamar Reyes, Cyberpunk 2077

Muamar "El Capitán" Reyes is a prominent fixer in the Santo Domingo district of Night City. He can be found at a scenic overlook of Rancho Coronado, due southwest of Coronado Dam.


El Capitán used to be a corpo but went out on his own as a fixer once he realised he'd rather be the one setting the rules of the game. He claims to have earned the nickname by helping people enough to achieve a commanding title worth of admiration, although his street reputation indicates it might actually be a reference to the difficulty of his character.

He admires Santo Domingo due to the persistence of the people living in it. No matter who attempted to take over the area, whether corpos or gangs, it hasn't succeeded since, in his own words, the people are real and do not allow to be deceived. He counts himself among them as well, claiming to be the blood and guts of Night City. With this said, he does often end up resolving familial conflicts, so, such as they are, resolutions themselves both boost him financially and morally, creating the image of someone who truly cares for what happens to the people in his district. Whether just a manner of speech or a personality trait, or simply irony, it is hard to tell but he also speaks of his clients as if they are closely entwined.

His efforts appear to be directed at one goal alone - getting the power back into the hands of the people. That too, at the expense of corporations. He doesn't care much for the news due to thinking all of it as not more than common technique for spreading propaganda, nor the everlasting corporate rat race but he will not refuse clients from either field if their aim matches his own or if they are paying enough. Similar to this, he is not keen on NCPD either, stating they do the people a disservice by always intruding where they don't belong, but, once there's an advantage to be had, he will easily take it, regardless if it meant aiding an enemy. Should gangs attempt to take over his territory even if working towards a common goal, El Capitán will not stand for it, showing a rather vengeful side when it comes to dealing with whoever comes between him and potential gain.[1]

He is one of the few who still has contact with the remnants of David Martinez's Edgerunner crew, namely Falco. When V contacts Reyes regarding questions about David's and his teams whereabouts, Reyes gets in touch with Falco to inform him of V's investigation. As a result, Falco reaches out to V, briefly talking about what happenned to the crew before telling V not to look for them, as their "15 minutes are up". Falco then leaves David's Jacket with Reyes and instructs V to go pick it up--as one final parting gift from one Edgerunner to another.[2]

After V finishes every gig for El Capitán, the fixer messages the merc to thank them for all the work they have done. Muamar also mentions that he has some personal affairs to focus on, and thus will leave behind his position as fixer of Santo Domingo.[3]

Phantom Liberty[]

Muamar started an autofixing business ontop of being a fixer. After V had boosted a Villefort Alvarado V4FC 580 Playboy from Dogtown back to Muamar's garage, an NCPD squad car showed up and was revealed that Marmar was dealing with police officers despite saying that he hated the cops as a means of survival and the cop that bought the vehicle was an associate of his from his days before he became a fixer and the cop, Ayden Daniels is in the scheme too and Muamar invites V to join into the scheme by helping him in "procuring" for his autofixing business by delivering said vehicles to his contact.[4][5]

After boosting a few more vehicles for Muamar, Muamar would call V up for a meeting at the dam about an important gig only for V to witness Ayden arguing with Muamar beforehand. Muamar would then tell V that the gig involves infiltrating an Arasaka dockyard and stealing a truck with medical supplies in it. Johnny, sensing that Muamar was feeling uneasy, pushed V to ask what was wrong. Muamar then revealed that he had been a Rancho Coronado citizen since he was a kid and had never disregard his roots but watching his compatriots dying due to the toxic waste that's dumped by Arasaka into their drinking water disgusts him and now he's robbing Arasaka's medical equipment to save the people of Rancho Coronado, especially kids, from suffering the same fate that he and Ayden who turns out to also been born in Rancho Coronado. After the mission's success, Muamar thanks V for the effort and gifts V a Herrera Outlaw "Weiler" as a reward.[6]

V would also find out on the Autofixer webpage about a rare Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet that was supposedly to be sold on his website. However, just as V wanted to buy it, Muamar gave V a call and mentioned that somehow, both the car and the supposed seller who was a diehard fan of Johnny had fallen off the grid together with the car. Maumar then gave V the last known location of where the car was tracked to and requests V to find out what had happened to it.[7]

Database Entry[]

Muamar "El Capitan" Reyes

Before he became Santo Domingo's most well-known fixer, El Capitan was Muamar Reyes – a corpo rat at a company that dealt in... ah who the hell cares anyway. But, all too quickly he realized that with corps it's always the same ol' tune – either they fuck you, or you fuck them. He preferred the latter. Often those who escape poverty like to help out their less fortunate peers – like El Capitan. Sort of. On one hand, he makes a fortune as the go-to fixer for half of Santo Domingo's working class, but hey – at least he makes sure people can pay their rent. Don't like it? Find your own gigs. When a gangoon decides they'd rather save a buck by breaking your legs instead of paying you, look around – is that Capitan watching from his limo window with a smirk on his face?[1]

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