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Mr. Cool was the leader of the Folk Nation.


The Folk Nation was the last of the Seven Nations to solidify, This is due to two reasons: the Folk were undergoing an internal power struggle, and they were fighting a war they could not win.

The Folk Nation was born in the ghettos and suburbs of Chicago. Even at their most mobile and affluent, a significant percentage of their people lived there. The Folk survived as a gang structure because they were a family first; when they became mobile, they looked to the family for guidance, supported the family as their responsibility, and led the family as time went on. For all these reasons, they simply could not just leave Chicago. The Windy City was a homeland, and many of the Folk chose to remain.

When the bioplague took Chicago away, it also obliterated almost twenty percent of the Folk Nation.. Included in this twenty percent were all of the upper echelon leadership, and almost two thirds of the elders. The Folk began to tear apart as rival factions struggled to seize leadership, and as other nomads moved into the area to construct the new city of Chicago Port.

The fighting continued for almost four. years, until Cool emerged from the fray. Cool was a young buck whose family had been in Chicago and gone down with it He had been an enforcer and dog-soldier for the Milwaukee set of the Folk The Milwaukee Folk were heavily influenced by Native American culture, and hard-line in every way. He was becoming powerful in his own right when suddenly the plague took everything away. When the various factions moved to seize power, he did all he could to block their He made a great many enemies in the process. Cool was clear to all in his motives; he felt that what was left of the Folk should gather their resources and decide together how they should proceed. He also wanted the families to pressure the government to go back into Chicago and clean up. Cool has always believed it was the government that caused the plague, and he always will.

One by one, he solidified agreements with all of the power structures within the Folk, primarily by playing enemies off against each other and thereby convincing each individually to secretly back his hand One by one he killed or coerced the less-cooperative elements as well. By the time the other Nations formed, Cool had almost accomplished his goals, but things would continue to be difficult for him.

Cool was nearly assassinated at the Harvest Festival in Omaha by a rival Folk leader, shot eight times at close-range by a small calibre pistol. In the ensuing struggle, the assassin was killed by dog-soldiers. Because he was so adamant about leading his people, Cool chose cybernetic replacements for most of his wounds. He is fully half cyborg now, and it has not slowed him down at all. He used the assassination as a soapbox for his plea for unity, and he branded his enemies as traitors for what they had done to by and usurp the Folk to fuel their greed.

Cool eventually succeeded. The Folk are one of the smaller Nations, but they are a Nation. The reconstruction in Chicago has vindicated many of his beliefs, and he hopes to see some of his brothers and sisters live there some day.[1]


Cool was fond of retro clothing from the America he knew from the movies. He wore loose khaki slacks to cover his cybernetic legs, crew neck shirts, and a leather vest. He also wore a fedora and oversized sunglasses to hide his facial reconstruction. Cool wanted to have his cyberware replaced with organics someday, but he could never seem to find the time.[1]

Despite this description, the art in the same book depicts him with a different clothing style and no apparent cyberware.


INT: 8, LUCK: 8, EMP: 5, REF: 8, MA: 5, SA:FAMILY +10, TECH: 7, ATTR:5, COOL: 9, BODY: 8, REP: 10.[1]



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