Mr. Blue Eyes is a mysterious figure involved in politics and life of Night City who seems to be involved with a group pulling a lot of the strings from behind the curtains.


Through the tasks given to V by Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez, it is possible to find that a certain "shady" organization has inserted itself into the life of the up and coming mayoral candidate. By the time some layers are peeled off, V will receive a direct holo warning from an unknown caller, warning them not to inform Jefferson of the ordeal. The unknown caller will make it clear that they know about V's true nature and goals, referring to the engram problem.

Mr. Blue Eyes will be present just across the meeting spot, on a terrace of a building watching over the exchange, although it does not seem as if meeting him was intended.

If V chooses to ask for Rogue's help to assault Arasaka Tower to reach Mikoshi, V becomes Night City's most famous mercenary. Mr. Blue Eyes hires V to steal a cache of data from the Crystal Palace after they become the owner of Afterlife.

Delamain will mention during the AV ride to Afterlife that V already has all the money they need, in which they will respond that there are still problems that money cannot solve. During Mr. Blue Eyes meeting in Afterlife, V makes it clear that they hope Mr. Blue Eyes holds his side of the bargain. Mr. Blue Eyes assures V that he understands they are fighting for a chance for survival and will help them if they complete the Crystal Palace heist.

Associated Quests


  • Jeff Peralez, Garry the Prophet, and Mr. Blue Eyes wear the same JinGuji ring on their finger, except Mr. Blue Eyes's is gold.
  • People in the streets of Night City may be heard commenting on his existence through random banter. The common assumption is that he is always there, watching.
  • He cannot be properly interacted with or harmed.
  • During both Path of Glory and (Don't Fear) The Reaper prologue, V can read messages from someone named "Mr. B" about the Crystal Palace heist.
  • According to the game files, Mr. Blue Eyes' hair is labeled as Morgan Blackhand, but nothing else indicates if the two are somehow connected.
  • Garry mentions how "Blue Eyed People" live in space and come down to Earth to control politicians.
  • Mr. Blue Eyes surveyed V during the Arasaka assault and sent his men during the chaos to steal equipment.
  • Mr. Blue Eyes can be seen in the Cyberpunk 2077 reveal trailer, drinking a beverage while someone across him catches on fire in an Orbital Air vessel.


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