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Mr. Blue Eyes is a mysterious figure involved in the politics and life of Night City.


Through the tasks given to V by Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez, it is possible to find that a certain "shady" organization has inserted itself into the life of the up and coming mayoral candidate. By the time some layers are peeled off, V will receive a direct holo warning from an unknown caller, stating that no matter what V tells to Jefferson nothing will change, and also warning them not to keep meddling in their affairs. The unknown caller will make it clear that they know about V's true nature and goals, referring to the engram problem. Mr. Blue Eyes will be present just across the meeting spot, on a terrace of a building watching over the exchange.[2]

Mr. B surveyed V during the assault on the Arasaka Tower, and sent his people to steal equipment and information during the chaos.

In the ending in which Johnny Silverhand and Rogue Amendiares - or a solo V - assaulted Arasaka Tower to reach Mikoshi, V became Night City's most famous mercenary. During this timespan, Mr. Blue Eyes contacted and hired V to steal a cache of data which should contain the information of a client from one of the casinos located in the Crystal Palace, the most famous space station orbiting the Earth. Some time after getting ready for the operation, V finally met the mysterious man in person at the Afterlife. During the meeting, V made it clear that they had nothing else to lose, as this was a very dangerous operation which no one had ever done before, but expected Mr. B would hold his side of the bargain, whom assured the merc that he understood they were fighting for a chance for survival and would help them if they succeeded with the job.

While V was in the shuttle approaching the Crystal Palace, Mr. Blue Eyes ordered his people to turn the station's sensors off in order for V to sneak inside. He also commented to V that if they managed to pull that heist off, they would gain more than they could ever imagine.[1]

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People in the streets of Night City may be heard commenting on Mr. Blue Eye's existence through random banter. The common assumption is that he is always there, watching.[3]

V tasked Viktor Vektor to find information about him or his people, but the ripperdoc answered what he had already told V. That no one knew anything about him, and this could mean he was from some place high enough that nobody could even fathom to get some intel, and that he is too much of a shady figure, given that Night City doesn't abide the nameless.[1]


  • He cannot be properly interacted with or harmed.[2]
  • Garry the Prophet mentions how "Blue Eyed People" live in space and come down to Earth to control politicians.
  • Jefferson Peralez, Garry the Prophet, and Mr. Blue Eyes wear the same Jinguji ring on their finger, except Mr. Blue Eyes's is gold.
  • Mr. B can be seen in the Cyberpunk 2077 reveal trailer. Being among the passengers of a space shuttle, someone across him catches on fire while he is pleasantly drinking a beverage and smiling on the event. In this trailer he doesn't have his iconic blue eyes yet.
  • According to the game files, Mr. Blue Eyes' hair is labeled as Morgan Blackhand, but nothing else indicates if the two are somehow related.



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