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Moving Heat is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Some time after finishing Firestarter you will receive a text message from Ashlay.

Journal Entry[]

Ashlay doesn't wanna lose his gig, I get it. Be a choom, wipe that data for him. Plus, gonna land yourself a pretty slick reward for what little elbow grease you're puttin' in. And, man, gotta hand it to those Frenchies - they had preem taste in wheels. I'd plant my ass in that driver's seat any day. Rockerboy-approved.


  • Go to the elevator at the coordinates Ashlay provided.
  • Reply to Ashlay's message.
    • Wait for a message from Ashlay.
  • Don't raise the alarm. [Optional]
  • Head to the garage.
  • Reach the garage interior.
  • Approach the car.
    • Neutralize all enemies near the car.
  • Get in the car.
  • Reply to Ashlay's message.
  • Access the car's on-board computer and wipe its memory.
  • Leave with the car.
    • Stay on the guard's good side.

Associated Shards[]


  • The objective "Neutralize all enemies near the car." can erroneously cause the quest to become locked, making you unable to enter the car. (Version: 2.1, PC) Icon check