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Disambig This article is about the FBC in Cyberpunk RED. For the FBC in Cyberpunk 2020, see Moore Technologies Sheol (RED).
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Modern civilization produces untold tons of hazardous by-products everyday and somebody has to deal with it Dealing with the dangerous by-products of a technological society is a hazardous operation, indeed. Why risk lawsuits and injury by employing merely human workers? Why sacrifice quick thinking and inventiveness by employing robots? Get the best in Hazardous Operations. Get a Sheol.

The Sheol is designed for hazardous operations, which include radioactive material handling, biohazard transport, toxic chemical handling, hazardous material clean up, and other unpleasant jobs. While the Samson Full Conversion can handle some operations, only the Sheol is fully optimized for these dangerous jobs.

The Sheol's endo-frame is equipped with super-dense myomar fibers and magnetic pistons which function as its muscles. With its great strength, this borg is quite capable of transporting heavy shielded hazardous material containers.

Since it's designed to work in hazardous situations, it would not do for the Sheol to be weak or vulnerable. The borg's hull is protected by advanced composite armor and has special shielding that enables it to resist radiation, toxins, and acid. The Sheol is a closed system, with a 16 hour solid-oxygen battery (like the Aquarius Full Conversion), so it is not vulnerable to most biohazards. In order to avoid situations that can harm it, the Sheol is equipped with advanced toxin and radiation scanners. Since it's often employed in clean up operations, the Sheol is equipped with arm-mounted "squirters" that can be used to neutralize certain chemicals and bio-materials.

Since Sheols constantly work in hazardous situations, the bodies tend to wear out rather quickly (or become too radioactive/toxic to support a biosystem). Because of this, Moore Technologies offers a replacement contract with each Sheol purchase. The contract costs 30,000eb and must be purchased at the time the Sheol is acquired. This contract gives a 25% reduction on every Sheol purchased by the original contractor after the first purchase (provided the borg's body wasn't rendered unusable through negligence or used in non-standard operations-like firefights).

General note for all 'Borgs - the Humanity Cost for each option uses the following notation: *N*, where N is the Humanity Cost.[1]

Sheol Physical Stats
Reflex: 10
Attractiveness: NA
Movement Allowance: 10
M/turn: 30m MPH: 20mph
Jump (up): 6m (broad): 8m
Body: 18 *12*
Lift: 720kg Throw: 180m
Damage Mod: +8
Punch: 1D6+8 Kick: 2D6+8
Physical Structure
SP: 30
SDP: 20/30
Options (Optic): 2 & 4
Options (Audio) 6
Right Arm w/ Hand Torso Left Arm w/ Hand
SP: 30 SP: 30 SP: 30
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 30/40 SDP: 20/30
Options: 1 Options: 2 Options: 2
Right Leg w/ Foot Left Leg w/ Foot
SP: 30 SP: 30
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 20/30
Options: 2 Options: 2

Option Packages[]

Sensor Options:[]

Times Square Plus: This interactive cyberoptic display enables a Sheol to access databases such as "handling procedures" through its interface plugs and radio link It can also be used to display graphic images (one non-practical application is that a Sheol can watch N through its optic system). *2*

Radiation Detector: A complex system for detecting radiation. The system has a microcomputer which can assess the nature of the radiation and estimate exposure damage to the Sheol, humans, and equipment This detector has a 10m range and displays its interface in the Times Square Plus.

Toxin Scanner: Built into the right arm, this microcomputer system is equipped with sensors and probes designed to analyze chemicals. When used while a Sheol is attempting to determine the nature of a chemical, it adds +3 to any such rolls. The data from the Toxin Scanner is displayed in the Times Square Plus.*1*[1]

Other Options[]

Radiation Shielding: This protects the biosystem and cybersystems from the harmful effects of radiation. The shielding provides a RSP of 10 rads per turn. *1*

Toxin Shielding: This protects the hull from almost all known chemical toxins and prevents potentially unpleasant chemical reactions from occurring (an early test model of the Sheol had its leg armor explosively vaporize when exposed to a particularly unpleasant chemical brew). *1*

Acid Shielding: This protects the hull from almost all known acids, thus enabling the Sheol to swim in sulfuric acid, for example. * 1 *

Sguirters: Each arm is equipped with a "squirter" which is used to spray chemicals. These chemicals are used to neutralize other chemicals. Each squiter can be loaded with a different chemical and they are typically selected for the job at hand (for example, a Sheol assigned to acid handling would have its squiters filled with a base fluid). The squirters have a 5m range, and each fueled by its own replaceable 5-turn canister. The squirters can be filled with dangerous chemicals (exact effect depends on the chemical) and used as weapons. *2*

Humanity Cost 18D6+8 (16D6+20)[1]


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