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MoorE Technologies, often stylized as Moore Technologies, is a Swiss manufacturer of cyberware. MoorE is known for their full-body conversions, amongst their clientele is celebrity Lizzy Wizzy.[1]


Early History[]

The corporation was found in Switzerland and slowly became one of the most successful cyberware manufactures in the world.


In 2077, CTO Roy Levack was involved in a limo accident in Night City that killed 10 children, but was not arrested or criticized by the media due to his wealth and power. That same night, Levack attended an election fundraiser for Councilman Gonzalez at City Hall, and did not mention the accident or take the opportunity to make an apology. Info Flash host Ruth Dzeng devoted a segment to mocking Levack for his lack of remorse and accountability, but explained that even she was powerless compared to Levack and would have have to stop and apologize if he sent her a cease and desist order.[2]

The corporation also announced that its new 3D printer, the Artifex, would be released in 2078. The Artifex interfaced with the user's mind so that they could print any object they could imagine.[2]



Type Products
Full-Body Conversions Sheol Hazardous Operation[3]


Type Products
Full Body Conversion Sheol[4]


Type Products
Operating Systems Berserk Mk.1, Berserk Mk.2, Berserk Mk.3[2]
Equipment Artifex[2]
Cyberware Hausstock-W, Titanium Bones, Bionic Joints, Breithorn-K, Eiger-T, Liskamm-C,



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