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The Moon, also known as Luna, is the Earth's only natural satellite. A lunar "day" takes approximately two Earth weeks.[1]


Fueled by Earth's collapsing ecosystem and late-stage capitalist society of corruption, warfare and lack of viable resources, Luna was first colonized in 1997, with the foundation of the Euro Space Agency (ESA) colony Tycho. It has since become home to various permanent bases, founded and maintained by allied nations of the ESA. With the creation and existence of gravity-based technology and ability to soft-land machinery, alongside heat drills to form glass-like tunnels, Luna was far easier to colonize than open space. Buried ice was mined for air and water, plants were brought to create a viable ecosystem, and the Tycho mass driver was modularly dropped and reassembled to construct and later utilized to catapult raw materials towards the Crystal Palace construction at the time. While the original bases were simple pressure domes and workshacks planted by Orbital Transfer Vehicles (OTV), by 2020, this had far expanded via nuclear and solar laser drill-created subterranean tunnel networks. Water is mined through lunar ice and recycled heavily, while air comes through underground hydroponic gardens which recieve solar light via large surface shutters.[1]

Luna is mined heavily for raw materials utilized in orbital colony constructions at the Lagrange points. Three mass drivers allow a stream of lunar material to enter Earth's orbit.[1]

By 2077, both Arasaka and Militech have mining operations over the Moon's surface. The ESA maintains a formal, yet callous relationship, with corporate interests on Luna.


Major Cities[]

Two permanent cities exist on Luna: Tycho and Copernicus, both formerly controlled by the European Space Agency, and are now part of the Highrider Confederation.[3] As both cities were built underground, their construction required blasting and nuclear-powered heat smelters to form park-like caverns, eventually being topped with smelted lunar sand pressure domes to provide air and recycling.[1]




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