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Money For Nothing is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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After sparing Katya Karelina's life during Gig: Spy in the Jungle, Katya gives you the coordinates of her secret stash, which can be found in an abandoned parking garage in Longshore Stacks. To be able to access the stash, you have to move a dumpster, after which you can open a grate underneath which the stash is hidden. The stash contains €$17500 and the shard For Katya.

Journal Entry[]

Ex-SovOil agent, stashin' her goods in D-town... Big cloud, little rain, I say. But don't let my inner cynic stop ya, V. Go find that stash.


  • Go to Katya's stash.
  • Find Katya's stash.