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Mitsuko Taida, aka Mitsi, is a true clan-bred ninja, born into one the two remaining ninja clans in Japan. Born in Saga most of her life was training to become a ninja and assassin in her later years. She never had a school life and was a freelance assassin from age 18. She's been hired by the Arasaka corporation over the years, and has even trained in one of there facilities. She joined Haruko Kanawa covert operations team in 2025.


Combat Sneak 4, Aikido 5, Archery 4, Athletics 8, Awareness 6, Dance 3, Disguise 4, Driving 3, Education 5, Poisons 4, Fencing 2, First Aid 3, Pistol 4, Hide/Evade 4, Human Perception 4, Interview 3, Japanese (Native), English 5, Spanish 3, French 4, Melee 4, Perform 4, Personal Grooming 4, Persuasion 5, Resist Torture/Drugs 3, Rifle 6, Seduction 5, Shadow/Track 2, Social 4, Stealth 4, Swimming 4, Style 3.


Basic Processor with Sandevistan boost, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket, Contraceptive Implant, Nasal Filters, Nanoptical Upgrade, Improved Muscle & Bone Lace, Neural Bridge, Nanauditory upgrade, Tailored Pheromones, Toxin Binders, Scatchers.


Clothing for all occasions, SP 10 underwear, Slamdance Spawnblade, Enertex AKM powered squirtgun with contact Biotoxin II ammo, Arasaka Arms Half-bow, Monoknife, Budgetarms C-13 with silencer and two clips, Towa Type 00 Kai sniper rifle, Disguised hand radio.[1]


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