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Mitsubishi "Musashi" SWAT Mini-Tank is a vehicle in Solo of Fortune 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

In today's modern metropolis, political dissidents, religious fanatics and heavily-armed cyberpsychos are almost constantly on the rampage. SWAT teams have faced increased danger from nihilist terrorism, while corporate border skirmishes pose a serious threat to public safety. There is no room in this environment for the under-armed cops of yesterday. Today's enforcers need high-mobility firepower at the tactical level!
The well-prepared police force will use the Musashi mini-tank to protect their city's populace and face paramilitary crime head-on. This compact Mini-Tank is perfectly adapt-ed to SWAT-style urban combat tactics, capable of fire-suppression, sup-port, and even direct attack. A full neural-interface operating system, employing drive-by-light technology and enhanced fiber-optic camera systems, allows one officer to operate all mini-tank functions. The Musashi can carry a team of cops into danger with complete safety, or evacuate wounded with equal security—and it packs enough punch to deal with corporate-operation threat levels.
Its low-pressure 75mm cannon can use a variety of ammo for all purposes: fire foam, gas, fragmentation,rubber buckshot, shaped-charge, HESH, and proximity-fused anti-air shells can be mixed in the 40-round hopper. The computer auto loader can select the right shell for the job on command. The 10mm HIVE system, adapted from the ACPA weapon,also does double duty (antipersonnel/air-defense), mixing AP, rubber bullets, and explosive rounds (1/2 damage to SP or SDP, but double damage for flesh). This weapon suite allows you to master any situation or environment the chassis can get you into...or out of
Special Equipment: Cybernetic linkage; auto-pilot and nav system; military-level radio with scrambler and satellite uplink; 8 IR smoke launchers; fire extinguisher; environmental control; optics w/image enhancement, light amplification, thermograph, telescopes;laser detector; simple security system; armored searchlight; armored loudspeakers; multi-target system;anti-personnel grenade charges
Weapons: Stabilized 75mm low-pressure/velocity gun w/autoloader; stabilized 10mm HIVE; both in high-angle turret +2 computer sights, laser rangefinder. The 75mm has 3 magazines in Hull, and the 10mm HIVE has two magazines in Hull.
New item notes: 75mm Low Velocity Gun: Using low-pressure propellant techniques, this gun's recoil is small enough for use on AVs, helicopters and aircraft as a ground-attack weapon. HVY • 0 • N • R • var. • (75mm) • 10 • 1 • VR • 100K eb • 600m range •4 spaces Loudspeaker: 250eb, no space. When you want to make yourself heard, or just want the surrounding countryside to hear your choice of touring music. (Of interest to those who don't want to hear your music: loudspeakers are Small targets, and have 5 SDP. Armored loudspeakers, as found on the Musashi, are 400eb and take 20 SDP before they stop working.)


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