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Some believe uncertainty is an evil that should be dispelled through divination. Others claim it's change that is evil. But that isn't true either. Every minute of every day, we each become someone new. We shouldn't fear change itself, but only who we might change into. Knowing one's path is most important.

— Misty to V, Cyberpunk 2077

Misty Olszewski is a new age spiritualist and the owner of Misty's Esoterica, a store located in Urmland Street, Watson. She is a good friend of Viktor Vektor and V, and the girlfriend of Jackie Welles.


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Early Life[]

Although she has family in Warsaw, Misty grew up in Night City's Heywood district, and was a childhood friend of Jackie Welles.[3][1] When she was a young adult, Misty opened her own shop on Urmland Street in Littla China, Watson - called Misty's Esoterica.

At some point she was approached by ripperdoc Viktor Vektor, whom rented a basement she owned, behind her shop, to use as a clinic. Since then both became close friends. Not long after, Misty regained contact with Jackie, and in 2076 they entered into a relationship, however Jackie's mother was not supportive of the relationship, preferring a previous girlfriend of Jackie's.

In late 2076, Jackie introduced V to Misty and Viktor, who then became friends.


In 2077, Misty and Jackie had been going out for nearly a year.[4] After Jackie Welles managed to set up a meeting with Dexter DeShawn, they visit Misty's Esoterica.[5]

After V is brought to Viktor's Clinic by Goro Takemura after the Konpeki Plaza heist, Misty takes V back to their apartment and provides them with omega blockers and pseudoendotrizine; the former would suppress the engram of Johnny Silverhand, while the latter would give him more control over V's body. V can talk to her about Jackie's death, and afterwards Misty leaves.[6] While V is searching for a way to remove the Relic, Misty can give them tarot readings of their journey.

If V gave Jackie's remains to his family:

During Heroes, Misty is waiting in front of Jackie's Garage when V comes to look for something for Jackie's ofrenda. They search through his belongings, reminiscing about his character and his past with Misty. After finding a suitable item, V can convince Misty to attend the wake in spite of Mama Welles' disapproval of her. V can also convince Mama Welles to talk to Misty. Later on, Misty can comment how their relationship is progressing positively.

After meeting with Hanako Arasaka at Embers, Misty takes V to the rooftop of Misty's Esoterica where she and Jackie used to sit often before a big job. She leaves V to think about their next move.[7]

If V called Hanako Arasaka or Panam Palmer for help:

Misty gives V one last tarot reading before their driver arrives to pick them up. If V sided with Arasaka, Viktor reveals that she left for Warsaw.[3]


If V took Solomon Reed's offer after giving up Song So Mi to the NUSA:

After having the Relic surgically removed at Langley, they return to Night City and discover that Misty's Esoterica had been bought over by Zetatech, who transformed the shop into a ripper clinic. Viktor comments that Misty was unhappy with the changes and left. Later on, after V is harassed by two thugs, Misty appears and reveals that she is leaving for Poland. They have a short conversation regarding V's future, and later part ways.

Database Entry[]


While Viktor is a healer of bullet and blade wounds, Misty is a mender of broken spirits. Misty's Esoterica, a small shop in front of a ripperdoc clinic, is stocked with an assortment of aura-cleansing incense sticks, yarrow stems, Tibetan "Book of the Dead" shards and pendants for good luck. Though Misty gets more costumers than Viktor, this smart and sensitive woman somehow always finds the time to help her friend in difficult moments - at times almost taking on the role of a full-fledged nurse.[4]

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  • Misty is of Polish descent, and has family living in Warsaw.[3]
  • Her last name would be considered incorrect in Poland, as Olszewski is a masculine form. The correct feminine form would be Olszewska.[8] However, this does reflect how Polish last names are treated in countries whose native tongues don't differentiate between feminine and masculine forms of last names, and it's not uncommon among descendants of immigrants.
  • Misty was referenced in an interview with CDPR's story director Marcin Blacha. She was described as "...a clever girl who stands behind the counter in an esoteric shop half the time, while also working as a nurse."[9]


  • Misty's appearance appears to be an homage to Pris Stratton, one of the escaped replicants from the 1982 movie, Blade Runner.