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Dr. Engelsson is a vice president, director of the Militech Special Projects Department, and one of the most important non board-members in the Militech Hierarchy. Dr. Engelsson's specialties are biomechanics, biochemistry and reconstructive surgery. Besides being general director of Special Projects, he is also running the genetic, cybernetic and chemical modification experiments being performed by the Department. He is known amongst the troops and lower executives as Dr. Death, and considered someone to avoid. It is rumored that to cross him is to end up as the subject in one of his experiments. You might end up a superman. You might end up dead...or worse.

Dr. Engelsson is privy to Militech's deepest, darkest secrets, and is considered a class one extraction or assassination risk. He divides his time between the Rosslyn headquarters tower, where he reports directly to the board, and the super-secret Special Projects Labs near the Militech Weapons Proving Grounds in New Mexico. He is always accompanied by crack bodyguards, and travels long distances either in armed air-convoys or under deep cover. Engelsson is a tall, whipcord thin man in his late fifties, with thinning blond hair. He is known for having a jovial attitude that can turn icy and threatening in the blink of an eye. Swedish by birth, he seldom returns to his homeland any more. When he does go back, he bases himself out of the Militech Stockholm office, a small but secure facility.[1]


INT 11, REF 5, TECH 10, COOL 10, ATTR 4, LUCK 2, MA 5, BODY 4, EMP 6/3, SAVE 4, BTM-1.[1]


Jury Rig 8, Intimidate 10, Education and Gen Know. 10, Expert Cybernetics/CyberTech 9, Expert Biochemistry 9, Expert Surgeon 7, Expert Research/Theoretical Medicine 10, Expert Nuclear Medicine 6, Expert, Biophysics 7, Expert Military Weapons 5, Expert Special Weapons 5, Expert Manager 4, Swedish (Native), English 5, First Aid 6.[1]


Basic processor, tactile boost, dataterm link, chipware socket, machine link (remote robosurgeon control), subdermal armor, two basic cyberoptic modules, Times Square Marquee, image enhancement, micro-optics, Microvideo optic, digital camera, one cyberarm with RealSkinn™and tool hand.[1]


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