The Militech Mk. 31 HMG is a Heavy Machine Gun in Cyberpunk 2077.


Manufactured by Militech, the Mk. 31 HMG has 300 rounds, but V does not carry any reserves or pick up rounds for this gun so it cannot be reloaded. It shoots at a speed of 6.21 rounds per second. It may overheat when fired continuously, disabling its ability to shoot and forcing V to let it cool down. It will overheat after a minimum of 73 shots when firing constantly.

Wielding one imposes a movement penalty on V, slowing them down and disabling their ability to run or dodge. The movement speed penalty is decreased by 6% for each point in the Body attribute. It cannot be stowed or stored in V's inventory and upon switching to another gun, the HMG will be discarded. However while carried, V can still perform a double jump or charge jump and also grab on to ledges.

The HMG can be stored in any Stash, including in an owned vehicle.

Database Entry

The Mk. 31 heavy machine gun was engineered with two core functions in mind: 1) mounting on armored vehicles, 2) installing on defensive perimeters. In other words, it was designed as a heavy-hitter that was meant to be bolted down. No one inside Militech ever considered anyone could or would want to carry this massive gun anywhere whether they were loaded with cyberware or not. But, as usual, it seems the human will found a way. The Mk. 31 HMG can sometimes be found cradled in the arms of heavily chromed solos and gangoons, as they're the only people capable of withstanding the powerful recoil. However, the Mk. 31 cannot be reloaded easily by one person in combat situations, effectively making it a one-hit wonder. Still, this hasn't proved a major drawback for most. By the time its clips is emptied, there's typically no one left to shoot at anyway.


  • One can be found in the Scav hideout in the beginning of the game, being wielded by the Scav leader, though it may not be usable by V.
  • One (colored version) carried by the guard outside Bull House Melee shop in West Wind Estate, Pacifica District, but only when searching for, or attacking V.
  • One (uncolored version) carried by an enemy near a large Satellite installment, north-north east of the Las Palapas Motel travel point, on the main highway headed south-east out of the city from Santo Domingo District. The Satellite Instalments line the side of the road along the highway.
  • An HMG can be ripped off of any floor-based turret, requiring a varied level in the Body stat depending on the area's level. Can be done anytime unless the turret is destroyed.

Behind the Scenes

A massive weapon originally meant only to be used mounted, the Mk. 31 was modified for portability when advances in cyberware made carrying it possible. The grips were moved from underneath to the left and right and an advanced recoil system inspired by artillery cannons was added. Also cannon-like is its barrel, which flies backwards when shooting to chamber the next round. A mechanism on top of the barrel sprays gas downwards to cool metal temperatures when they get too high.
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