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Disambig This article is about the FBC in Cyberpunk 2020. For the FBC in Cyberpunk RED, see Militech Eclipse (RED).

In normal circumstances it takes six highly trained men to form an effective black ops cell. In such cases, you have versatility and firepower, but six men can only be so stealthy. Now, Eclipse offers maximum versatility, firepower and stealth in one compact package. Ideal for assassinations, intrusion, sabotage, kidnapping and information collection. A mix of advanced cybernetics, high-tech weapons and stealth technology, the Eclipse Cyber System puts any ninja to shame.

As a superior black ops full conversion, the Eclipse uses jump-wired cybernetic reflexes to excel in its field. These reflexes feed directly into the high efficiency Myomar musculature, for increased speed, and a custom in integrated gyro-stabilization unit, for near-perfect balance in any situation. Eclipse also comes standard with a pain editor, a pair of independently focusing optics and an on-board ambidexterity sub-processor. Eclipse's physical capabilities guarantee the greatest level of lethality.

What would a black ops 'borg be without stealth technology? The Eclipse's exterior incorporates a chameleon system, which employs liquid crystal technology and a multi-faceted fiber-optic digitization system. The visual effects of Eclipse's "skin" are complemented by a negative-noise sound canceler, which uses a complex sound array and fuzzy-logic processors to cancel out any noises made by the cyborg. Its stealth capabilities are supplemented by a high power ECM generator and IR Thermal Dam. Eclipse's foot modules have sound absorbing pads on their soles, which are covered in a tacky rubberized material for increased traction, and the toes can extend and curl around objects to aid in climbing.

The Eclipse's optical array includes Thermal imaging, Lowlite enhancement, an auto-step feature, and an integrated heads-up display with targeting system. The audio package is equally impressive, featuring amplified audio pickups, a decibel leveling system, and a scrambled multi-frequency radio with the ability to lock on to homing tracers. As a back-up, the Eclipse has a sensor boom capable of looking around corners.

Eclipse's sensory and physical abilities are backed up by a formidable selection of subtle yet effective weapons. The fingers of one hand contain re-tractable hypodermic needles. The other hand is a modular unit which comes standard with a dartgun, a lock-pick, a finger bomb, and a gas sprayer. The left arm is equipped with a silenced 10mm pop-up auto-loader and the right arm with a retractable 12" monoblade. Secret spaces in the legs are perfect for additional gear.[1]

Eclipse Physical Stats
Reflex: 13 *6*
Attractiveness: NA
Movement Allowance: 13*6*
M/turn: 39m MPH: 26mph
Jump (up): 6m (broad): 10m
Body: 12
Lift: 480kg Throw: 120m
Damage Mod: +4
Punch: 1D6+4 Kick: 2D6+4
Physical Structure
SP: 25
SDP: 20 (disabled), 30 (destoryed)
Options (Optic): 0 & 0 (3 in boom)
Options (Audio) 1 (2 in boom)
Right Arm w/ Hand Torso Left Arm w/ Hand
SP: 25 SP: 25 SP: 25
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 30/40 SDP: 20/30
Options: 2 Options: 0 Options: 2
Right Leg w/ Foot Left Leg w/ Foot
SP: 25 SP: 25
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 20/30
Options: 1 Options: 1

Options Packages[]

Sensor Options[]

Audio: Amplified Hearing (+2 to audio Awareness rolls), Level Damper (prevents deafening), Radio w/ Scrambler (1 km range) and Homing Tracer (4 bugs included). *4*

Optics: Thermographic Sensor, Targeting Scope (+1 to Smart-guns), Low-Lite (night vision), AntiDazzle (prevents blinding) and Times Square Plus (Heads-Up Display) *6*

Sensory Boom ("Rabbit Ear"): Normal A-V systems, can look around corners. *3*[1]

Weapon Subsystems[]

Retractable Monoblade - This does 2D6+7 damage, including BOD, 1 / 3 to armor. *2*

Silenced pop-up gun (P +2 na na 2D6+3(10mm) 10 2 VR 50m) w/LimbLink- Any Awareness roll to hear it fire is at -10. *2*

Modular Cyberhand; Dartgun, Gas Sprayer, Finger-Bomb and Lockpick fingers. *1*

Venomhand (4 drug-iniecting needles, 1D6-1 damage if used in a slash). *2*[1]

Other Options[]

Secret Spaces - There is one in each leg (2" x 6" x 2"). *1*

Gyro-Balancer - This adds +1 to all rolls involving balance. *1*

Grip Foot - This adds +2 to all Climbing rolls. *2*

Stealth Foot - This adds +1 to Stealth rolls. *1*

Pain Editor- This negates heat, cold, and pain on command. *2*

Chameleon Covering - This is a built-in digital camouflage system which makes the cyborg blend into its surroundings, granting -4 to Awareness. *0*

ECM Generator - This on-board electronics scrambler will jam any Radar or Sonar sensor, motion detectors, and any form of radio communications (except for tight-beam transmissions). Its sphere of influence is adjustable, ranging from 5-100m. *2*

Sound Canceller - This system incorporates an array of sensitive audio pickups, noise generators and a matrix of fuzzy-logic microprocessors. This unit can analyze the sounds being made by cyborg (such footsteps, hands touching things, etc) and instantly emit the "opposite" of that sound; this anti-noise effectively cancels out the original sound, resulting in virtually no sound at all (this causes a -3 modifier to any listener's Awareness rolls). *2*

IR Thermal Dam - This system absorbs IR emissions until they can be safely bled off; this is done in a random pattern, so that it does not appear to come from a humanoid source. This translates into a -5 to any IR-based Awareness rolls. *2*

Humanity Cost: 21D6+3 (16D6+33)[1]


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