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According to the manufacturer, this vehicle took part in twenty-three armed conflicts across five continents over a period of ten years - with overwhelming success.

— Military Basilisk, Cyberpunk 2077

The Basilisk is a dual seater hovertank manufactured by Militech in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Basilisk is a cargo ship by design,[1] though weapons can be added. Thanks to enhanced modification, it handles effortlessly in extreme weather conditions such as sandstorms.[2]

The combat version's primary and only weaponry include a mili-40L 20mm recoilless autocannon. It also comes equipped with a CC04 Defense System, which basically is an electromagnetic missile countermeasure. Additionally, this tank has reactive armor, a life support system that can last up to 4 hours, an autopilot mode and a passive IFF radar-base identification system.[2]

With the inclusion of a twin neural interface, its pilot can connect with the Basilisk; being able to move it by neural impulse. To use full functionality during engagement, a second pilot is needed in order to handle the sensory overload. While one pilots, the other manages the cannon. This causes the pilots' nervous systems to link, allowing them to work in harmony.[1]

Aldecaldo Basilisk: Rouge Raxxa[]

Thanks to enhanced modification, it handles effortlessly in extreme weather conditions such as sandstorms.

— Nomad Basilisk, Cyberpunk 2077

A small group of Aldecaldos - led by Panam Palmer - stole a Basilisk from a Militech transport so they could have a chance to defend themselves from the Wraiths.[3] In the following days, Mitch Anderson and other clan members modified the tank to fit it for battle.[1]

Even after defeating the Wraiths with the Basilisk,[1] the Aldecaldos kept tuning it. Although they left much of what it already had, they added a few improvements. For starters, they replaced its primary weapon with a QianT twin-barrel 25mm autocannon, and added a secondary weaponry through a thermal missile launcher and 2x HATGM-Quad Optic. In addition to the combat features the Basilisk had, they added a Jumi5 duplex cyclone nitro injector. To finalize, they name the panzer "Rouge Raxxa" and painted-on Aldecaldo decals.[4]

During The Star ending, V and Panam will use it to breach the Militech defenses around the Maglev Tunnel Construction Site in order to access the lower levels of Arasaka Tower and eventually Mikoshi. Later Mitch will dangerously use it solo to help the rest of Aldecaldos in the battle.[5][6] After this venture, V and the Aldecaldos use the Basilisk to cross the border to Southern California through one of the "famous Aldecaldo tunnels".[7]

Database Entry[]

Militech Basilisk


"Basilisk" is a fitting name for this line of Militech armored vehicle. Much like the mythical monster that is its namesake, one look at this beast is enough to knock you on your back. As the characteristic silhouette of the Basilisk appears on the horizon, even the most formidable enemy forces will throw up their hands in unconditional surrender. An attempt at retreat is an exercise in futility - there is no escape from the Basilisk. This panzer, despite its tremendous size, moves across desert terrain with incredible grace and speed, like a predator in pursuit of terrified prey. Then, with just one shot from its high-caliber cannon, it turns its prey into a steaming smear of blood on a hot slab of desert stone.[2]


  • The Aldecaldo panzer name "Rouge Raxxa" is a tribute to the Polish TV series "Four Tank-Men and a Dog", which follows the adventures of a tank crew and their T-34. The tank is named "Rudy" which can be translated to "red", thus the word "Rouge". And "Raxxa" is probably a reference to an actress of the same show known as Pola Raksa. Another Basilisk - this time named Rudy and with four men and a dog - can be seen in a photo Panam Palmer sends to V's computer.