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Militech 25mm Pistol Grenades are similar to DCR's rifle-fired grenades, but they are designed to be fired from pistol-caliber weapons. Any pistol or submachinegun's barrel can be fitted with a Militech-produced muzzle adaptor (200eb) in the appropriate caliber by a weaponsmith or techie (for about 50eb). The adaptors bullet trap design allows the shooter to fire conventional ammunition and also launch a pistol grenade up to 100m away. These small, barrel-shaped (25x50mm) projectiles carry warheads with capabilities equal to standard 25mm Mini-Grenades.

Note: Pistol Grenades cannot be launched by weapons of less power than 9mm, and 9mm through .45-caliber weapons will only have a Long Range of 15m! .357, 10mm and other, more powerful rounds will have a Long Range of 50m.


3D6, 4M radius 15eb. Damage is stun only, armor protect at only 1/3 effectiveness

Defensive frag[]

2D6+ 1, 3M radius, 20eb. Reduced explosive; safer for use in tight confines (Like rooms, hallways, etc).

Flash Bomb[]

-5 REF & Awa, 5M radius, 15eb. Stun save each person; -5 TO REF & Awareness for 5 turns.

HEP (Cratering)[]

5D6, No radius, 30eb. Damage is 1/2 Real, 1/2 Stun only; Armor has no effect and is damaged 2 SP.


4D6 First turn, 3D6 Second turn, 2D6 Third turn; flammables in 1m radius burn; 30eb.

Offensive Frag[]

5D6, 3M radius, 25eb. High-Explosive fragmentation; very messy in closed areas.

Smoke or Tear Gas[]

3M radius, 20eb. See CP2020 rules for gas; Tear Gas-tearing & -2 REF, Smoke obscures vision.