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Militech 25mm Launched Grenades is 25mm mini-grenades recently pioneered by Militech are still being "evaluated", which means that while not in regular service, special forces units are already using them.


This round carries smoke or gas and has a 5 meter radius.


This round does 2-12 1D6AP hits to the target.


This round does 2D6+ 1 damage to all targets in a 5 meter diameter.


High-Explosive Penetration is actually a squash-head round, splashing a pat of plastic explosive onto the target before detonating. This round does 5D6 damage; armor has no effect and half of the damage is applied as concussion, half as real. Armor hit by an HEP round loses 2 points of SP. Concussion damage is a Stun/Shock Save. Subtract armor SP (if allowed) from the damage, up to half the damage total-that's right, at least half the damage goes through any armor except hard armors (i.e., Metalgear™, powered armor, full medieval armor). Then target must make a Stun/Shock Save as if it was damaged by the concussion damage that went through. The concussion damage is not entered on the character sheet as damage points! Rigid armor prevents any concussion damage from hitting the target; Skinweave has no effect on concussion damage.