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Mikhail Sergeievich Akulov[notes 1] (Михаил Сергеевич Акулов) is a fixer of the Soviet Union who travels to Night City in 2077.


Mikhail Akulov rose to fame as the top fixer in the Soviet Union. He traveled to Night City in 2077 under the pretext of a diplomatic business trip, but he was rumored to have been seduced by the freedom and capitalism the city brings. Neither story turned out to be true. Instead, Akulov's arrival in Night City was related to the Soviet Union and China competing to secure a major arms deal with Arasaka that would put the losing country at a severe military disadvantage. The secretary general of the Soviet Union had hired Akulov to personally spearhead negotiations with Arasaka on his behalf.[2]

Akulov and his assistant, Nadezhda Tiurina, stayed at Konpeki Plaza for negotiations with Arasaka representatives.[3] When the hotel was placed on lockdown after the death of Saburo Arasaka on the premises, they moved to the penthouse suite at Hotel Raito.[notes 2] The negotiations continued for several weeks, and when they stalled, Akulov asked the secretary general for permission to sweeten their offer to Arasaka.[4]

While this was going on, Akulov covertly brought a netrunner named Shelma to monitor Chinese activity on the local Net, conceal his purpose in Night City, and check the status of China's talks with Arasaka. The Chinese were prepared for this and burned Shelma without Akulov knowing, leaving him exposed.[1][5]

An unnamed colonel in the Chinese military also hired Regina Jones, a local fixer in Watson, to install a bug in Akulov's car to monitor his conversations. Regina delegated the gig to a mercenary named V.[6] After the car was bugged, the client hired Regina for a second gig: stealing an encrypted datashard that held records of Akulov's negotiations with Arasaka from his suite at Hotel Raito. V retrieved the shard, either without Akulov's awareness or after incapacitating or killing him, and delivered it to Regina's client in person.[4]

Database Entry[]

Mikhail Akulov

Officially, the Soviet fixer is on a diplomatic business trip in Night City, but most take that explanation with a heap of salt. Unofficially, one rumor has it that Akulov has been seduced by Night City's capitalist, libertine charms. Still, the million eurodollar question remains - what is he really doing here? Many would pay handsomely for the answer. After all, this is a man who represents the interests of the entire USSR.[2]

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  1. Sergeievich is a patronymic name meaning "son of Sergei."
  2. If Gig: Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy is completed before The Heist, Akulov and Tiurina can be encountered alive and well on the apartment floor even if V killed them during the gig.[verification needed]