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Microtech is corporation creating mainframes and workstations.


Microtech does one thing, and they do it well: build full-size computers. They concentrate all of their efforts into improving their mainframe computer systems, without dabbling in cybernetic computers or mini-computers. Indeed, they take pride in the fact that their mainframes and workstations are used by other companies to design those types of systems. They are to the 2000s what Cray was to the 1980s and 90s, but on a larger scale.

Microtech is the industry standard. Defense agencies around the world rely on Microtech mainframes, and the EuroSpace Agency has several. With its hold on the specialized mainframe industry, Microtech is worried not so much about acquiring proprietary data through espionage as protecting itself against such theft. This is where most of its covert and military resources go, as well as a sizable amount of its own computer power. Microtech must be vigilant for external threat as well, however, as there are several larger corporations who would like to acquire Microtech, or see it eliminated in order to further the success of their own products. Accordingly, Microtech is attempting to beef up both its financial and military security.[1]


Six AV-4 assault vehicles, ten helicopters, two Osprey IIs and there corporate jets are dispersed among the offices. Microtech has access to sophisticated military hardware on a fairly small scale , with good amounts of personal weaponry and armor, including man-portable heavy weapons. It has no heavy, mobile armored vehicles like tanks, and only limited access to other vehicularly based heavy weapons. With sufficient time, however, Microtech can usually acquire whatever equipment it needs.

Only the Dallas office has a surgery-capable medical center, but all of the other offices have well staffed infirmaries capable of dealing with most non intensive care needs, including trauma and illness. Microtech has no orbital platform of its own, but it occasionally ships experiments up by Hermes space-plane if zero gravity is required.[1]

Products Line-Up 2077

Type Products
Cyberdecks Microtech Hydra

Products Line-Up 2020

Type Products
Cyberdecks Microtech HEADGEAR Cybermodem Helmet[2], Microtech CAD-4 "Commando" Sealed Assault Deck[3][4]
Equipment Microtech Virtual Reality BBS[5], Microtech IIKL-4 Workstation[5], Microtech "PCZ Super" Laptop[6], Microtech RESIDENCE[7], Microtech Language Processors[5]
Software Microtech AI Interface[4]


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