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Michiko is a brilliant 26 year old biochemist who came up with the mutated polio virus in the first place. She's worth a fortune to any corporation who can acquire her.

She's also horribly spoiled: brilliant, beautiful, and accomplished, she's determined to cut her own slightly eccentric path through the universe. She's frequently out of the labs on impulsive trips to the ramen bars, to various night clubs, to video arcades, to excursion boats. Her choice of personal software indicates a strong fantasy life.

Anyone attempting to contract her should probably try to appeal to this side of her rather than attempt mere blackmail or seduction, which won't work due to her inherently skeptical nature. She might even detect if it's presented as an exciting enough adventure. She is constantly accompanied by a pair of rather put upon bodyguards.


Motivation: Desire for wealth.

Competence: Brilliant.

Aggressiveness: V. Aggressive.

Glitches: Non-conformist, friendly, skeptic.


Audio w/phone, scrambler, bug detector, 2 sockets; 2 chips (hovercraft pilot +3, heavy weapons +3).