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Disambig This article is about Saburo Arasaka's wife. For Kei Arasaka's daugher, see Michiko Arasaka (Kei's daughter).

Michiko Arasaka was Saburo's third wife and mother to Yorinobu and Hanako.[1][2][3]


Michiko Arasaka was Saburo's third and last wife. She married Saburo when he was in his 80s, before that Michiko was known as a very sophisticated and beautiful woman in Kyoto. Born into a wealthy family and studied at the highest leveled universities in Japan.[1][2]

Michiko never cared much for the outside and never left the country once. She loved Japan and wanted to see it advance after the damage done during WW2. After being introduced to Saburo Arasaka, she was infatuated with his passion and determination in making Japan strong. Despite not knowing exactly the details of the Arasaka corporation, she believed Saburo was a noble man and married him a year after they had initially met.[2]

Michiko was never close with Kei, Saburo's eldest son, due to him never being around long enough to know each other all that well. In 1995, Michiko gave birth to Yorinobu, her first child. Later in March of 1999 Michiko gave birth to Hanako, Saburo's youngest child and only daughter. She died shortly thereafter due to complications caused by the birth. Saburo never remarried after her death, since Michiko was his favorite wife and no woman could ever be better. Yorinobu and Hanako had a strong relationship, stayed by each others side even after they were separated.[3]




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