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At one point Hart was a good fixer, and a good friend to Eliot Weir. One day he crossed the wrong people, however, and he had to flee New York City. New Orleans was where he ended up, and it didn't take long before he was in trouble there too. This time however he didn't flee. An Arasaka executive went to bail him out and cleared him of all his accounts. This was done by Seiji Okano, who then later flew him out to Japan to pay his debts, by becoming Okano's eyes and hears and mouth to help in his quest of overthrowing Saburo Arasaka.[1]


INT 10, COOL 10, MA 8, SAVE 8, REF 8/9, ATR 8, BODY 8, BTM -3, TECH 7, LUCK 8, EMP 10/5.[1]


Streetdeal+8, Awareness/Notice +6, Forgery +3, Handgun +6, Karate+4, Melee+5, Pick Lock +6, Pick Pocket +4, Intimidate +3, Persuasion and Fast Talk +7, Interrogate +4, Streetwise +7, Hide/Evade +4, Stealth +3, Dodge & Escape +3.[1]


Basic processor, chipware socket, interface plugs, smartgun fink data term link, Kerenzikov level 1 boosterware audio/video tape recorder wired to cyberaudio/cyberoptic, rippers basic cyberoptic, image enhancement Low Lite™, Times Square Marquee, targeting scope, basic cyberaudio, radio link, sound editing, wide band scanner, two basic cyberlegs.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[]

SP 46 armored Armalite 44 autopistol with four magazines, little black book (pocket computer).[1]


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