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Born in New York City, Micah moved to western Montana when he was very young, and grew up on the ranch his parents bought to get "closer to the Earth." Micah loved the expanse of forests and mountains, spending his spare time stalking the creatures there. By age 13, Micah was an accomplished outdoorsman, having already hunted and dressed game, spent time overnight camping, and climbed major peaks.

At age 16, in 2005, Micah was drafted into the Marines, where his skill with a rifle and his general sneakiness tapped him for Sniper School, and thence to Force Recon. His impressive kill ratio brought him to the attention of some high-ranking brass who needed a number of special operatives for Operation Big Stick. On April 3, Micah, now a Staff Sergeant, killed a mid-level executive in Bonn, Germany with a shot to the spine, and the Mantoga Corporation ceased to exist.

After completing the final Mantoga sanction, Micah returned to the SouthAm, where he was used to eliminate high-ranking leaders in the local forces, along with European "military advisors." Because of his elite status and style of combat, Micah saw less of the raw brutality than others did. To him, war was a clinical job. His nickname was derived from his use of medical terminology when referring to eliminations—they were "excisions", "amputations", or (for those he considered most abominable) "retroactive abortions."

When the war ended in 2010, Micah found himself without a job. He worked with the CIA, tracking down and eliminating members of the NSA and the Gang of Four, but soon found himself let go (the CIA with the formation of LEDivt went through a period of image-consciousness). His superiors had an idea where he could find a job, if he wanted.[1]

Operating Style[]

Micah now spends three months a year on a Lazarus base, honing his skills and earning his pay. Between jobs with Lazarus, Surgeon (as he is still known) takes freelance jobs to add cash to his sizable stash and to help support his retired parents (and their Lazarus protection). While Surgeon is most commonly called on to perform assassinations or support jobs, Micah will take any job that doesn't involve direct combat (he knows he's no match for most Solos; it isn't his style). He has teamed how to use explosives, heavy weapons, and poisons, allowing him to take a wider array of jobs than just the sniper missions he prefers. He is a fan of high-tech devices, and will frequently use expensive, unique weapons customized for the job and left behind when done (these use custom ammo as well, making them impossible to track). The Surgeon could retire anytime he wants to, but has no idea what he would do.[1]


TECH: 7, REF: 9/10, INT: 7, EMP: 7/5, LUCK: 9, ATT: 6, Rep: 5, BOD: 8/10, COOL: 7, MA: 8[1]


Sneak +8, Awareness +5, Rifle +7, Demolitions +5, Pharmacology +3, Stealth +4, Hide/Evade +4, Electronic Security +5, Pick Lock +4, Athletics +5, Weaponsmith +3, Education +2, Handgun +4, Martial Arts (Aikido) +3, Shadow/Track +4, Wilderness Survival +5, Motorcycle +4, first Aid +3, Human Perception +2, I-IVY. Weapons +4[1]


Basic Processor, w/2x sets Interface plugs (Smartgun link, Vehicle link, DataTerm link), 2x Chipware sockets, Sandevistan Boost, Boostmaster, Adrenal Booster implant, 2x Cyberoptics (WILL, AD, TA IE options), Muscle & Bone Lace, Nanosurgeons, Pacesetter 2000 Heart, Autoinjector.[1]


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