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Mi-52 is an AV in Solo of Fortune 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

Of course, SovOil's aerodyne was the perfect platform from which to develop an attack AV. It's bulky, and not very maneuverable, and boxy, and ugly, and doesn't look a thing like the rest of the world's sleek attack AVs. But it is cheap, and shares a lot of parts in common with the Mi-50, and the Soviets sell a lot of them to countries which cannot afford the sleeker Western models.
Special Equipment: Ejection seats for crew, fire extinguisher, 12 manhours life support, chaff and flare dispensers, military radio, visual rangefinder, auto-pilot and navigation system, active IR, laser detector, light amplification, magnetometer, radar with terrain-following, thermograph.
Weapons: 23mm autocannon and 30mm AutoGL (count as 40mm) in high-angle chin turret. 2 12.7mm Catlings in hull, fixed forward. 219-shot 2.75" rocket pods, pointed forward. One 14.5mm machinegun in articulated mount on each side. 4 autocannon magazines, 4 AGL magazines, 4 Catling magazines, all in hull.[2]


  • The original stats are in kilometers but to keep it consistent with other sourcebooks, has been converted to miles.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Original stats are top speed = 365 kph, acc/dcc = 80/80 KPH, range = 1,288 km
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