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Mi-50 is an aerodyne introduced in Corporation Report 2020 Volume 3 and expanded on in Maximum Metal.

Corporation Report 2020 Volume 3 Description[]

A Soviet vehicle very similar to the McDonnell AV-4, it is popular with corporations and military and police organizations in die new Union and Eastern Europe. This aircraft uses many western components, including IEC engines. It can carry six medical personnel or troops and their equipment. It has no fixed weapons, but it can mount machineguns in the doors on both sides, and use them during flight. Powerplant: One IEC Sidewinder II engine. Max Speed: 200kts. Operational Radius: 600km. 45 SP, 110 SDR

Maximum Metal Description[]

Naturally, SovOil tries to save money any way it can; with a world-wide operation, the bottom line is very important. Also, it prefers to buy Soviet rather than EEC or (yuck!) American. The Mi-50 is not much more than a large, crude version of the EEC Airjeep.[2]
Special Equipment: Radio, auto-pilot with navigation system, radar with terrain-following.[2]
Weapons: Two 7.62mm Machineguns on door mounts (these count as pintle mounts, but from the sides only. When using the doorguns or any time that the doors are open, the Mi-50's armor protection counts only 75% of the time).[2]


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