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Metal Heaven is a music store in Night City. The location is featured in Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk 2077.



Metal Heaven was a music store situated in Night City's Upper Eastside sector of downtown in 2020. Billed as the audiophile's nirvana, this building housed supplies for every music needed. On the first floor, there was a full line of domestic, imported , and garage discs, albeit at inflated prices. They would also do personal orders for customers, and were rumored to be able to find any music ever recorded. Their rep was so good that, in spite of the chromers, corps will come regularly to pick up their classical TiCDs. Metal Heaven also had a trio of ceremet robo-dobermans to ensure these well-paying customers didn't get hassled.

Downstairs there was a small recording studio, which they rent out at outrageous rates. The quality was good, but not excellent, and they'd produce and package the albums for the rockerboys.

The upstairs was what deserved the most attention. Twelve-string bass with active pickups, fruitless neck, fully-programmable drum machine, parametric equalizer and nine other optional effects, hand-carved and painted with the pigment of a rare Australian plant that caused the instrument to glow under certain lighting conditions. Now, for the right price, it can be belong to anyone. This music store specialized in custom instruments, though they carried all major brands as well. With specialist technicians on hand at all times, they could produce any personalized instrument for any rocker.

There was also a badly-abused dataterm on the northeast corner of this block.[1]


In 2077, Metal Heaven is located in Corpo Plaza, City Center, Night City. The location is closed off by the NCPD.[2]


  • Metal Heaven is located on top of an unfinished parking garage that is closed off to V. The only way to reach this location is using double jump and reaching an elevator. At launch this location is unfinished.[3]


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