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Asukaga & Finch (A&F), formerly known as Merill, Asukaga & Finch (MA&F), is an exclusive investment and financial counseling firm, based in New York, NUSA. The corporation was originally founded by three journalist majors: an American, a Japanese, and Italian to create a diverse company to spread around the world.


If you have money, and you want more, or you just want it safe, Merrill, Asukaga, and Finch are the people to talk to. They are without a doubt the top people in investments of all kinds, from stock to real estate to frog-farming futures. However, if you don't have a good deal of money in the first place, they aren't interested- the commission on a $1000 investment isn't worth their rather expensive time.

MA&F's high caliber of service has attracted many of the richest and most powerful people in the world. If, for some reason, they were to go bankrupt, some of the greatest powers in the world, both legal and illegal, would be overturned.[2]

By 2077, they had left behind the "Merrill" name, rebranding themselves as "Asukaga & Finch."[1]

Equipment and resources

Dispersed as needed among the offices are

  • 15 AV-4 assault vehicles
  • 8 corporate jets
  • 2 Osprey II aircraft.

Each office also has two helicopters and a non-surgical infirmary. Merrill Asukaga & Finch controls the finances of many powerful people, and even some small nations. Accordingly, they can command a great deal at short notice, including political favors and powerful military equipment.[2]


  • Despite dropping the "Merrill" name by 2077, some documents and shards will still refer to them as "MA&F"[3] - likely to be an oversight as there are only very few mentions with this name.


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