Meredith Stout is a corpo and the Senior Operations Manager for Militech in Cyberpunk 2077.


Meredith Stout was mentioned by Dexter DeShawn as a corporate agent investigating an attack on a Militech convoy carrying an arms shipment, from which Maelstrom obtained the Flathead. She was in charge of the convoy and was desperate to recover it before her superiors noticed, leading her to accused her colleague Anthony Gilchrist of being a mole who was involved in its disappearance and black bag him. Dexter gave Meredith's contact information to local merc V in case they wanted to enlist her help in getting the Flathead from Maelstrom.


If V contacted Meredith, she arranges for a private meeting. On her orders, her hustle incapacitated V and jack into them to run a lie detector program as she interrogated them. She also brought out Gilchrist and asked him if he recognized V as one of the convoy's hijackers, but he did not. If V cooperatesd with Meredith during their tense conversation and avoided antagonizing her, she will offer to help with the Flathead and present a €$10,000 credit chip to use to buy it off Maelstrom. Now aware that Maelstrom had her convoy, Meredith departed and waited for V to act.

If V payed Royce with the credit chip without removing the virus, kills Royce during the exchange, or otherwise prevents the purchase of the Flathead from concluding peacefully, Meredith meets with V outside the All Foods Plant with a Militech squad and successfully recovered her missing convoy. Meredith later texts V and invited them to the No-Tell Motel for a fling. However, if V removed the virus after completing the mission or has copied the virus without removing it, Meredith will not text them.

If V peacefully purchases the Flathead from Maelstrom using the credit chip with the virus removed or their own cash, Meredith prematurely ordered a raid on the All Foods Plant. Anthony Gilchrist appeared outside the plant with the Militech squad in Meredith's stead, and informed V that she made one mistake too many. Her tortured corpse can be found underwater in the Northside Industrial District harbor.

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