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Mercenaries, often abbreviated to Mercs, are hired people that work for clients to do any kind of job. They usually work with fixers as their middle men.


A typical group of mercenaries constists of:

  • A Fixer, to handle the contracts.
  • A Netrunner, to handle computer systems and security systems etc.
  • A Techie, to handle the weaponry.
  • A Medtech, to handle injuries and cyberware issues.
  • Any combination of Solos or Nomads, to act as soldiers.

It is not unusual for a group to also include a Media, to record and publish footage and write articles.

Generally, a group of mercenaries would operate out of some form of gathering location, like a club or a bar.[1]

Database Entry (2077)[]



Let's say you've got a serious problem, and it just so happens you'd rather not get the police involved, nor your buddies at the corp who usually deal with this stuff. Maybe you were directly responsible for a shipment that mysteriously disappeared, or you'd like to see somebody else's shipment disappear; somebody knows too much about you, someone chose to work for the wrong corp, or maybe someone has suddenly become no longer necessary. In that case, you need someone to handle things for you – a techie, solo, netrunner or someone with more specialized skills. You need a mercenary.

Mercs typically work with fixers, a go-between who slap together a team of pros with the right skills for the client. Fixers will take care of all the messy intricacies of dirty biz – you won't even have to meet the merc doing it for you, if that's what you want. The job'll get done quickly and discreetly – for the right price, of course.

Most mercs start out on the street, taking whatever comes their way until they can catch a fixer's attention. Only a few of them end up like Morgan Blackhand or Andrew "Boa Boa" Weyland – that is to say, legends.[2]

Notable Mercenaries[]


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