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The Memorial Park is a location in Corpo Plaza, in Night City's Center. The park is secured by Militech.[1]


The Memorial Park is Corpo Plaza's main feature, a huge ring between the corporations' headquarters. It is also a tribute to the countless victims of the Fourth Corporate War.[2]

The park itself is divided between different sections. The main one is right on the top of the structure, with a huge crystal dome in the middle allowing view to the highways that cross through, and the four sub-level sections, each accessed through the roundabouts' sidewalk. There is also an NCART station, and the Night Corp maglev project will include its main station in the structure as well.

The entrances to the corporate buildings are accessed through bridges found in the park's surroundings.

Corpo Plaza's main attraction is Memorial Park, a huge ring surrounding the corporate headquarters. The park is also a tribute to the countless victims of the 4th Corporate War.


  • NCART's Memorial Park Station
  • Maglev station




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