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Melissa Wellingham (Godiva) is a former Sergeant in the British 22nd SAS regiment. Her unit was wiped out in an IRA ambush. Godiva suspected betrayal, and went snooping around to see what she could find. It turned out that her unit had been sold out by traitorous elements in the British Government. Unfortunately, they caught on to her and turned up the heat. She fled to America, and has been a fixture at the Forlorn Hope since shortly after it opened, tending bar off and on. Like Trigger, Godiva frequently takes leave to run jobs for Dollar Bill and other clients.


INT 7, REF 9/10, TECH 7, COOL 9, 7, LUCK 6, MA 8, BODY 8, EMP 9/6, SAVE 8, BTM -3.[1]


Combat Sense 4, Awareness/ Notice 5, Handgun 5, Karate 5, Melee 5, Weaponsmith 3, Rifle 6, Athletics 4, Submachinegun 6, Stealth 6, Wardrobe and Style 4, Endurance 3, Streetwise 3, Persuasion and Fast Talk 6, Human Perception 3, Hide/Evade 5, Shadow/Track 4, Wilderness Survival 4, Driving 3, Fencing 4, Electronic Security 3, Expert: Mixology 4.[1]


RealSkinn™ Cyberarm (left) with Hydraulic Rams and Wolvers, Adrenal Booster.[1]


14 armor jacket, SP 10 T-shirt, Arasaka WSA pistol, FN-RAL assault rifle.[1]



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