Nice work. You feel that back there? Feel his life leave his body?
- Melissa Rory, Cyberpunk 2077

Melissa Rory is a MaxTac lieutenant in Cyberpunk 2077.


Sometime before 2069, Melissa Rory had herself implanted with Higurashi 20-13 Mantis Blades, recognized to be of high quality, though with a certain flaw: they interfaced poorly with neural processors and a certain section of the prefrontal cortex. The Higurashi 20-13 line was discontinued in 2069 because of that flaw. In January 14, 2077, Melissa was likely driven to cyberpsychosis from her implant, and killed 14 people. She was a rare case of MaxTac apprehending a cyberpsycho alive, so she was forced to join their ranks, and kept her Higurashis as a reminder of her actions.

Melissa meets the merc V later in 2077, by which time she has risen to the rank of lieutenant and holds a senior status in MaxTac. Melissa's squad arrives at Jinguji just after V defeats a cyberpsycho. V recognizes her discontinued mantis blades, commenting that MaxTac prefers Arasaka Mantis Blades. Melissa questions V about the experience of killing the cyberpsycho and even tries to recruit them to MaxTac.

A note regarding Melissa can be found while looking through messages in a lab during the quest The Hunt:

Based on the latest research on the subject, it appears the patient suffers from relapses of antisocial behaviors. The recommended treatment approach is limited environmental stimulation and increased doses of neuroleptics (see treatment details in attachment).

I'll remind you this is not an isolated case but a fairly common problem among members of MaxTac. The NCPD is pushing for more resources put into cyberpsychosis research but our facility simply can't accomodate uptick right now.

And a friendly reminder: Please email your applications for overtime next quarter by no later than tomorrow EOD.

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