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Megatechnix Manufacturing is a large corporation conglomerate that produces everything from household appliances to extremely sophisticated hardware used by NASA.


The son of a high level exec working for the giant International Electric Corporation (IEC), young Roberto Lanzing's life was ruined when the megacorp suddenly fired his father and forced his family out onto the Street. Lanzing swore to wreak his vengeance on IEC and its autocratic CEO Erich Kessler. It took him ten years, but through a combination of brilliance (Lanzing is a gifted product designer) and treachery (Lanzing allied his fast growing Megatechnix corporation with several of IEC's worst enemies), Lanzing eventually masterminded a hostile takeover of his father's old employer (as well as arranging Erich Kessler's assassination in the process).

Now a huge conglomerate, Megatechnix produces everything from household appliances to sophisticated military hardware. But the same ruthless drive that got it to the top infuses this household brand with an arrogance equal to the IEC it dethroned.[1]


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