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Megabuilding H8 is a megablock located in central Japantown, Westbrook in Night City.


H8 wears the colors of the Mox gang (pink and blue), suggesting that the numerous joytoys and various personnel associated with the sex industry in this building are under their protection.


Floor 01: Ground Floor[]

This floor contains a few food vendors, the main entrance, and the elevator to the rest of floors.

Floor 03: Maintenance[]

This floor consists of a maintenance area, some minor loot, and another elevator to the roof. It is only available during the quests Ex-Factor and Pisces.

Floor 12: Clouds[]

This floor contains some apartments, a number of stores, and most notably the entrance to the dollhouse Clouds. It also has some minor loot, and an elevator to the rest of floors.

Floor 55: Roof[]

This floor consists of just a few apartment locked doors, Hiromi Sato's penthouse, and the rooftop of the megabuilding.

  • Apartment 8602 to 8610.

Associated Quests[]


  • On the sides of the building and above its entrance there is "BW324" - "Westbrook 324" - which is likely to be the building's address. The letters "BW" are wrongly on the other's place.