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Megabuilding H8 is a megablock located in central Japantown, Westbrook.


Floor 01: Ground Floor

This floor contains a few food vendors, the main entrance, and the elevator to the rest of floors.

Floor 03: Maintenance

This floor consists of a maintenance area, some minor loot, and another elevator to the roof. It is only available during the quests Ex-Factor and Pisces.

Floor 12: Clouds

This floor contains some apartments, a number of stores, and most notably the entrance to the dollhouse Clouds. It also has some minor loot, and an elevator to the rest of floors.

Floor 55: Roof

This floor consists of just a few apartment locked doors, Hiromi Sato's penthouse, and the rooftop of the megabuilding.

  • Apartment 8602 to 8610.


Associated Quests


  • On the sides of the building and above its entrance there is "BW324" - "Westbrook 324" - which is likely to be the building's address. The letters "BW" are wrongly on the other's place.