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Megabuilding H10 is a megablock located in the eastern section of Little China, Watson in Night City.

Database Entry[]

V's Megabuilding


Besides the two thousand apartments identical to V's, this Watson megablock also features luxury penthouses on its upper floors. Further down, you can find various service points: stores, markets stalls, a gym, even a shooting range. To a certain extent, megabuildings are truly self-sufficient, self-contained ecosystems – many of their long-term residents (especially netrunners) haven't stepped outside in years.[1]


There are two accessible elevators for the player. One in the lobby which leads to floor 07, and one in floor 08 which leads the parking.

Floor -03 to -01: Garages[]

Despite having a negative number, these parking levels are in a separate building which begins at street-level, up to the third floor. The first level has an elevator to 8th floor of the megabuilding, and an exit to lower street-level. The two further levels can be found above, as well as another exit to the upper street-level highway.

At the start of Act 2, V's car will be found here.

Floor 01: Entrance[]

This floor contains a few food vendors, the main entrance, and an elevator to floor 07.

Floor 06[]

This floor consists of just a few locked doors and some minor loot.

Floor 07: Services[]

This floor contains food stalls and a variety of vendors and services, including a weapons store, a fighting ring and a gym, as well as rentable apartments.

Floor 08: Apartments[]

This floor contains mostly apartments, a fast travel point, and a dropbox.

Floor 09[]

This floor consists of just a few locked doors and some minor loot.

Associated Quests[]



  • On the sides of the building and above its entrance there is "LC896" - "Little China 896" - which is likely to be the building's address.
  • In the Cyberpunk 2077 Database it is also referred to as "V's Megabuilding".
  • The fast travel point is named "Megabuilding H10: Atrium".



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