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Megabuilding H6

Megabuilding H6 in Arroyo (with H7 in the background)

Megabuildings, also referred to as megablocks,[1] are arcologies in the Cyberpunk universe.


A continuation of the late 20th and early 21st centuries' concept of an arcology, megabuildings were designed to function as cities within a city. Following the Fourth Corporate War, thousands of Night City residents were displaced while the AHQ Disaster destroyed the homes of many more. During the rebuilding of Night City, the first megabuildings started to be constructed in 2040 in order to accommodate the displaced residents in the Rebuilding Urban Zones. Nomad workers were employed in their construction, with hundreds of them working on each megabuilding. This new generation of post-war multipurpose structures was stylized after the New Harbor Mallplex, which was also destroyed during the Fourth Corporate War. Megabuildings quickly become one of the main residential options in Night City.[2][3]

By 2077, twelve of these buildings dominated the city skyline, each characterized by its unique color and assigned number.[4]


Each megabuilding could house an approximate maximum of 128,000 residents, since they featured roughly over 8,000 apartments with a 16-people per apartment capacity. Each apartment came with MediaCorp-promoted cable television, radio, and sensory feed access. Megabuildings also provided services beyond residential housing, such as entertainment, food, and others common to shopping mall experiences, and tried to offer security by means of rented corporate cops — although crime still remained a problem in many of them.[1][2]

Night City megabuildings[]


Megabuilding Status District
Unnamed megabuilding In construction Watson Development


Megabuilding Status District Sub-district
Megabuilding H1 Open Heywood The Glen
Megabuilding H2 Open Heywood Wellsprings
Megabuilding H3 Closed Heywood The Glen
Megabuilding H4 Closed Santo Domingo Arroyo
Megabuilding H5 Closed Heywood Vista del Rey
Megabuilding H6 Open Santo Domingo Arroyo
Megabuilding H7 Closed Santo Domingo Rancho Coronado
Megabuilding H8 Open Westbrook Japantown
Megabuilding H9 Open City Center Corpo Plaza
Megabuilding H10 Open Watson Little China
Megabuilding H11 Open Watson Northside Industrial District
Megabuilding H12 Open Watson Northside Industrial District


  • What seems to be another megabuilding is being constructed in eastern Santo Domingo, where organized crime can be found.
  • Some alternate maps of Night City show that City Center does not have a megabuilding, while Westbrook has two. This other megabuilding was to be located in the road connecting eastern Japantown with North Oak, due north of the Fourth Wall Studios complex.



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