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Mecha Zeo is an otaku posergang focusing on mecha genre.


It would be funny if it wasn't so damned scary. Six Desnai Imaginators, betrayed by an ambitious Park Manager determined to sell the plans for their latest Park Ride-Mecha Zeo: the Eternal Battle World. When the hit squad came for Toshi Harada and his development team, they were totally unprepared-six out-of-shape, cerebral nerds who never imagined they become the target of a ruthless sell-out. Bleeding, almost dead, they reached the only weapon they had-the five mighty robots that were the centerpiece of the Mecha Zeo attraction.

Ten minutes later, the assassins were reduced to a bloody paste under the ten foot wide feet of the Mecha Zeo Combiner. But to Toshi's horror, his call to Park Security only brought a tactical response team to wipe cut the "mad Imaginal ors" who had gone on 3 rampage. Set up by the treacherous Park Manager s fallback plan, the Zeo Tear. The team was forced to flee for their lives in their giant robot creation.

It's hard to hide a fifty foot robot, but it's a lot easier when i's components can transform-themselves into five ordinary roadcars. And so, the Mecha Zeo team went into hiding, working in secret to develop their technology and clear their names. Maybe they went a little crazy in the process, but losing your whole life can do that to you. When the Zeo Team emerged from hiding several months later, dressed in outlandish helmeted fighting suits and with all new robots, they were ready at last to fight back. The resulting swath of robotic destruction wiped out their betrayer (as well as 15 city blocks), and launched Mecha Zeo on a crusade to recover their technology from the evil Corporates their one-time Manager had sold it to. There was no turning back-Mecha Zeo was committed. Or should have been.

But there's always someone out there who wants to be an anime mecha hero, and Mecha Zeo has attracted quite a following. Otaku of all stripes have followed the secret call to Zeo Base, to offer aid in the fight against Corporate Evil. And if that means wiping out twenty City blocks every time MZ goes into action, so be it. Fighting Evil isn't pretty. Even if you are wearing color coordinated battle suits.


  • Leaders (Mecha Zeo Rangers) 4
  • Soldiers (Zeo Fighters) 200


  • Zeo Base (main observation base) 1
  • Zeo Fortress (mecha storage ) 1
  • Zeo Lab (mecha development base) 1


  • Zeo Roadbikes 4
  • Mecha Zeo Borg (50 tall gestalt) 10


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