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The McCartney Field Stadium (or simply McCartney Stadium) is a football stadium located in Night City.


NCS McCartney Stadium Map

Stadium map


During the 2020s, McCartney Stadium was situated in the New Harbor Area of Central Night City, and was a favorite place for all sorts of violent people. The 75,000 seat stadium was home of the Night City Rangers, a National Football League team that had shown a tenacious dominance in the recent years.[1] In addition, there were other sport teams who played there, like the Night City Deathdealers (combat soccer), the Night City Heat (basketball), the Night City Slammers (baseball), as well as wrestling teams. When the stadium was not being used for sporting events, the McCartney became Night City's main concert venue, with many large music shows and entertainment events held here.[1][2][3]

The entire Night City sports system was the result of heavy corporate investment, who deemed it necessary for the good image of Night City as a heaven on Earth, and even the corporates liked to watch Monday Night Football. Fortunately for all parties involved, the sport teams, which were recruited with corporate money, all became popular enough to be self-supporting.

The internal stadium security at the time was reasonable, but once outside of the arena you were on your own and gang attacks were not unheard of. The stadium also had one of the CityPark underground facilities, providing parking for visitors.[1]

Time of the Red[]

Unlike the neighboring New Harbor Mallplex, the McCartney Stadium survived the Fourth Corporate War onslaught. With a capacity for 75,000 visitors, the corporate-sponsored stadium was one of the landmarks in the Rebuilding Urban Zone of Upper Marina. It was the home to many local different sports teams during the Time of the Red.[4]

Local Teams[]



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